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Kerala: Heard of Us?
Tony Ignatious

A southern state of India, next to the state of Tamil Nadu. Some call it "God's Own Country", others call it the "Land of Liquor".

Everyone was having a routine day of life when the skies covered up, dark and gloomy. The weatherman, as usual, warned of heavy rains and the people, as usual, ignored it.  The rains came in as said and it rained for days and the government warned that they were to open a major portion of the dams in the state. Within no time almost all districts were flooded from the unending showers and the raging water from the opened dams. Some parts of the state were, you could say, experienced with flooding from the past but a major portion of the affected people had no clue what had to be done.

Soon we were back to our senses and realized that a lot of people had to be rescued and panic was never the right option. Just like in the movies, everyone sprang into rescue mode and, I'm sure, there wasn't one person in the state who did not take part in the operations. Film stars to drunkards, all for one and one for all. Relief camps were set up and the military kicked in with helicopters and all fancy gear.

This isn't the happy ending. Some places of the state were completely submerged that rescue by helicopter was practically impossible. Children and adults alike, all scared to death were still trapped with no way of rescue. But then, like a squad of superheroes who were waiting for the right moment to act, the fishermen of the state took the baton. With their boats and lightning reflexes, they set out to complete the job. Soon all people were rescued and today we're on our way back to the future.

We may have our differences and we've had our share of controversies, but when one of us is in danger, we'll be there to be that strand of hope.

We are KERALA.


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