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                   The British ruled over India for more than two decades, the two decades which shook the country and its people to its depth. The innocent people of our country were enslaved, tortured, killed by the people of the country who ruled over us. The black clouds of enslavement took over the country during these two decades, the smiling faces turned into hopeless faces waiting for these black clouds to disappear and to bring about the rain of good hopes. But the hopes of these people were shattered like glasses, someone is constantly throwing stones upon the hope of these helpless and hopeless people. The peace and sleep of the country and its people was snatched. People were snatched heartlessly out of their homes and were mercilessly killed in front of their family members, the eyes became swollen and moist crying for their loved ones. They cried, pleaded, prayed but the all these went into vain. These hopeless people with their shattered hopes, unheard pleads and prayers somehow still managed to have hopes for some miracle to happen. The events during these years haunted people to the core. They just hoped for a miracle to happen. When one day their prayers were heard not by these merciless people but by god when he sent down on earth, in our own country land the heroes and the fighters who fought for the freedom of the country. These fighters who fought for the cause of the country without even concerning about their own life. They shed bloods for the country and its people, they were brutally injured with bullets but they still fought. Some of the fighters followed the path of non-violence while others followed the path of violence. With every passing day the hopes of people became brighter, along with the freedom fighters they also took part to fight against these merciless people. After a series of events and innumerous deaths, finally the day came when the strive of these fighters rewarded them with freedom.  The India got its Independence finally on 15th of August 1947. The hopeless and helpless faces of the people once again turned into smiling faces, with every face smiling with a sense of joy, the tears of joy and happiness rolling out of their eyes.

                The freedom fighters fought for the freedom of the country and they lost their lives leaving upon us the fate of our own country. 71 years have passed since India got its Independence. But does our country really have Freedom? We have got Freedom from British but we are still enslaved by our own thoughts and people. Our country is no doubt growing in each and every segment, giving tough competitions to other countries. But we still lack freedom from our own thoughts. Our freedom fighters never discriminated anyone on the basis of caste, creed, colour and religion. If they wanted they too could have done the same and would just have fought for the ones belonging to certain religion, caste and colour but they fought for the sake of people and the people of the country keeping aside every other aspects. The people of the country kept aside everything and came together to fight for the cause of country their only aim was the freedom. But what we are doing today is discrimination. We hate the people who belong to different religion and caste and love the people belonging to same caste and creed. We discriminate between rich and poor, black and white, forgetting that we all belong to the same land. We now have started discriminating people on the ground of the states to which they belong. Our freedom fighters and leaders never did anything like this, then why are we? Ours is Secular, Democratic country but we are not been given the proper rights. We hate people to the core. Just think if our freedom fighters did the same, Would be able to get our independence?

                    Ours being an Independent country, a developed country and a country whose citizens are at top of the world lack just the basic moral value that is love. We love only those people who belong to our community and hate others. Is this what our Freedom fighters taught us? If we still in the 21st century carry with us so much hate and discrimination will we be able to succeed? We are the citizens of an independent country and we should live with unity and love, and if we fail to do so I would say we haven’t yet received freedom. Our freedom fighters never ever wanted to have a country like this, they didn’t shed their bloods for a country like this. It’s saddening to see such a condition of a developed country where people are still living with so much hatred in hearts. We must stop these things and should live with unity and must love each other or else we’ll not be able to gain freedom from our own thoughts. Freedom is for everyone and we must not let anyone deprived of their freedom, let everyone enjoy freedom. We have to come out of enslavement of our own thoughts only then we will be able to gain total freedom.

                                                               -SHARIQUE KHAN



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