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Common Passage
Aaryan Banerjee

"Bye, Darling, we'll be back soon."
"Bye bye, mum. Have fun."
They smiled as they turned their back, and treaded towards the car.
Ella shut the door, and walked into the kitchen to see what was made, She didn't find anything good to eat; the maid didn't turn up today, and her mother's cooking isn't on point.
She thought of ordering something to eat, as she had enough money to do so.
She went in the living room, where the telephone was hanging besides the door wall. The house had five rooms in total.
The the house started with a common passage, which had the living room in the left, stairs to the top floor on the right, the kitchen straight ahead and a storage room; right next to the kitchen.
The two rooms on the top floor were for Ella and her parents.
That night Ella and her parents had to go for a party, organized by one of their colleague. Ella didn't join them, as she didn't know anyone there and there was no reason for her to go.
Ella didn't go to the party, but was jealous of the fact that her mother got a new dark blue gown just because for the party. Her mother did look really pretty in that, and Ella couldn't wait for her to get the same gown.
Ella checked the menu for a good dish she would want, she found it, and now she ordered it. Ella was a vegetarian. When she ordered; she mentioned that she didn't want any substance containing egg or non-vegetarian content.
After ordering food she went upstairs to get a book she has read half way. She left the living room, and started climbing the stairs, she was on the third step and she heard a knock at the door.
Ella thought to herself, "Who would be knocking at the door at this time?" Ella was a little hesitant to open the door and afraid of the fact that it might be a burglar, but she got some courage, then went to check who was it, she found nothing from the peep hole. She didn't care much and walked up to her room to get the room.
"Where did I keep the book?" she asked herself, right before someone grabbed her from the back. "AHHH!!" she turned her back, "Oh my God! John you scared me."
"I'm sorry, I just dropped by to see how you're doing."
"Well here I am, terrified because of you."
John, Ella's boyfriend, he knew the secret key, that's why he was able to open the door. He was there for sometime then he left from there.
Ella called in the food outlet, as it was 45 minutes since she ordered but the food hadn't arrived till yet.
She went in the living room, then started dialing the number, just then the doorbell rang.
She thought this was the food delivery, so she went to check. A 5 feet man, with a big white bag, wearing a black raincoat, stood outside the door, he seemed to be a delivery man. Ella opened the door, and to her amusement, there was nobody there. She looked here and there but didn't find anyone. She thought this was John, that's why she yelled, "If this is a joke, then stop it because it's not funny."
There was total silence, not a single object moved, in this silence, Ella could hear her heartbeat at this moment. Right then a gush of wind blew into Ella's face, and she heard a creepy voice saying, "Now the joke begins"
That voice... It made Ella tremble in fear she didn't realise, but her whole body as cold as ice and stiff as a rock. She was pushed into the house... The door closed behind her. "WHAT IS THIS?!" Ella yelled in fear. Everything stopped, she didn't get up from the floor. She heard footsteps, she looked up and saw a disfigured face, all covered with blood and and scars. "WHO ARE YOU?" Ella questioned hoping that the person would answer, but it didn't. Ella got up and ran towards the kitchen, locking the door behind her, and putting her bodyweight on the kitchen. She was in that position for 15 minutes, then she came out and there it was still standing, staring at her, straight in the eyes. This time the person started walking towards Ella, she tried moving back, but she couldn't, she wasn't able to move her legs or hands. The entity got closer and closer with every step, the lights started blinking, the entity was just centimeters away from Ella, The entity looked her into the eyes, and then... Pushed her behind breaking the dining table, and Ella couldn't do anything but scream. The person grabbed Ella's hand, and then swirled her around like a kid would do with a paper plane, then threw her on the opposite direction of the kitchen...
"Wake up, Ella."
"Ehh... what time is it? Mum is that you?"
"It's seven o clock, honey, you've been sleeping since when. Get up and come to the kitchen."
Ella nodded her head. "This was just a dream," She said to herself. She tried to reach the glass near her bed, that time she looked at her arm... It had claw marks.


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