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What is Scribebee?

  • ScribeBee is an online platform that replaces the use of paper and pen and you can read, write and share creative piece of writing anywhere anytime
  • Through the Scribebee scratch pad tool you can organize your thoughts and storyline while you brainstorm, plan and edit your story.
  • You can use our resources to improve your writing skills. Once completed the story goes through a review by our editors where they can give you feedback.
  • Or you could develop self- and peer-evaluation skills if learners create or use an evaluation form to check their use of language, spelling, paragraphs and so on.
  • The comments feature allows you, your peers and even parents to add comments on a piece of writing, giving the learner a real audience for their work. This is great for sharing your responses to the writing, not just feedback on language content.
  • Once learners have commented on their fellow ScribeBee work, you could also take advantage of this feature to help learners to develop their commenting and communication skills, for example, how to add positive and constructive feedback.
  • Our “my works” sections lets you store and manage your creations for posterity to cherish and share.

How do I join Scribebee?

Click "Sign up" on the home page and follow the instructions in the Sign up form. In particular, choose a username carefully. You can’t change it. Your username should *never* be your full name.
Once you completed sign up you’ll be sent an email to verify your registration. Be sure you add us to your safe list and check your spam filter if you don’t see our email.
You’ll be able to start using Scribebee immediately, but be sure to activate your account as soon as you receive your activation email.

How do I Log In into my account?

Click “Log In” on the home page to login. Fill all the details. Then submit it.

How do I reset my password?

Forgot your password? Reset it.
Reset the password and generate new password.

I haven't received a verification email. Now what?

If you haven't received our verification email, try these options:
- Ensure there are no spelling error in your email address.
- Add a report to info@scribebee.com
- Check your spam/junk filters

Use of Remember Me?

For automatically save your username and password you have to click on the Remember Me, login into your account , a popup will come with two option save or never save . You have to click on the save button and if you choose never save by mistake then go to setting -- Advanced setting -- Manage password ----- remove scribebee.com from never saved.

Everyone on Scribebee chooses a unique username when they sign up - no two users have the same one. If the username you would like is already taken, you'll have to select a different one.
Choose your username wisely, because this is how you will be identified on Scribebee. We won't be able to change your username once your account is created.

Usernames can be whatever you wish, with a few exceptions:

  • Usernames should be an alias. Your username should *never* be your full name.
  • Your username can't contain an email address, phone number or other identifiers.
  • Also, no profanity. Rude, insulting or inappropriate names will be immediately removed.
  • Usernames can contain letters, numbers, and underscores, special characters. Sorry, no Smileys in your name.

I forgot my username. Now what?

Forgot your username? No worries: you can check it in your email address.
Please note: We may not be able to assist with an account if it does not have a valid email address. It's up to you to keep track of your username and password.

Is Scribebee safe?

We designed Scribebee to be safe and friendly.

1. We pre-moderate all public stories and comments. It may look like everything operates in real-time, but our mods are on top of everything before anyone sees it.
2. We are not a virtual world. There’s no way for kids to have a real-time conversation with strangers since there is no chat engine built into Scribebee.
3. Scribebee does not display revealing information: interests, locations, phone numbers, etc. We do need to confirm a member's age, but this is not shared publicly.

Is Scribebee free?

Making, sharing, and reading stories on Scribebee is free.

What is a kid's account?

Kid accounts are for members under the age of 13. By law, these members need the approval of, and activation of, their account by a parent/guardian.
Kid accounts are the same as regular accounts with a few small differences:

1. They must be approved by a parent.
2. Email notifications are sent to an email address chosen by the parent.

Kids who started on Scribebee under the age of 13 but are now older than 13 can update their email addresses in their settings and take control of the account.

What is a Parent Connection (to a kid`s account)?

How can I connect to my child’s student account?
Scribebee connects your child account to the parent account. If you accept the email invitation, you will connect to your child’s classroom account, and be able to view their classwork.
What does Connecting to my child’s student account do?
Connecting lets you view your child’s work, about their writing activity, and and back up their stories to a personal account .

What is a badge?

A badge is an on-site digital representation showcasing a personal achievement with Scribebee! They're also round. You can collect and view them on your 'your stuff' page.

There are different types of badges, including... Mountain Badge, Desert Badge, Urban Badge

Technical Requirements

Scribebee requirements:

- a modern browser. Suggested editions: Chrome, Safari , Firefox , Opera
- a reasonably fast internet connection (minimum 2-5 Mbps)
- Javascript turned on, cookies enabled
Please note: You can use Scribebee with a lesser browser or a slower connection but your experience may suffer and some features may not work.

How can I write a story?

Writing stories on Scribebee is super easy and fun.

To start, visit "Write" and explore Title, Genre name, Upload your cover image and fill all the details then click on the edit button and write your story.

Use the bottom-corner to publish your story or leave as the draft.
Note that, you can edit the story later which is saved as Draft.

How do I make a book?

Making books on Scribebee is easy.

To start, click on "WRITE" at the top of the screen
use the white space to write your book and drop any images you want onto the page.

Use the Menu to "End Story" a book that's unfinished. Select "Send story to Editor" when you're done.
Once you send your story to editor then editor will review your story If Editor return your story then user will get a Return mail and if Story is published then user will get a Publish mail.

Can I edit a story?

Story can be edited. You either keep them or delete them. You can edit your story by goto in “MY WORK”

Can I use my own words or art for Stories?

Scribebee is about creative constraints and everyone can use custom word lists for poetry or Storieswe offer image uploads or text input for stories as a way to make your story surprising and inventive. By imposing these constraints, your brain creates connections and making ideas and can post own ideas.

What is "My Work"?

My Work is the collection of your own stories on Scribebee. It contains three main section: Saved story, Story with editor, Publish story.

My Work contains your published and unpublished books, plus any activity about those books (Likes, comments, etc).

Saved Stories – Saved stories are those which is saved as draft.
Story with editor – these are those stories which are goes to editor for approval.
Publish Stories - these are those stories which are published in scribebee.com

What is the use of Read ?

In the Read everyone get read a book which is write by others and by ownself. First you may have to click on the book’s cover page .The book will open now you can read the book. If you like the story you can like it or comment it.

How to check my order ?

Once you login into your account you can check your order by going into My Account then you can select MY ORDER section and view your order.

How to trace yourorder ?

You can refer to the email and SMS sent by us to track the movement of your order or you can also call at our customer care number +91 124-4995078.

How can I modify my order?

Once you confirm your order it can’t be modify. However, you can cancel the order and place a new one.

Cancellation and Refund Rules

If the amount is charged and the order is not confirmed you shall expect arefund to the source within 5-7 working days. In case of a nationalized bankit may take upto 10 workings days.

*Please, Note we'd be unable to cancel exchange or refund the orders onceconfirmed.

When will I receive a refund for the failed transaction?

1 - The amount is refunded from our end within 2 hours and shouldreflect in your respective wallet/account within 5-7 working days. In caseit is a nationalized bank, it may take a max of 10 working days to reflect.
2 - Drop in the contact number and email ID used to transact with us at mailto:info@scribebee.com and call us on +91 124-4995078

What is resources?

Resources is E-Learning platform for providing Tutorials , Videos, Audios and E- Books. In the resources user can read poetry and watch educational videos.

How can I conduct workshop?

For conducting the workshop you have to go WORKSHOP click on Registered now , fill all the details and submit the details .
Scribebee team will contact you as soon as possible.


Our vision is to create a world where children are able to unlock their imagination and are empowered to express themselves

  • Get published online free of cost
  • Have a fast growing readership in 56 countries
  • You and readers, can like and comment, on your write up
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