scribebee guidelines, principle guideline


At Scribebee, we celebrate stories as an essential part of what makes us human. We believe that stories give us the freedom to dream, invent, and create. We recognize that through reading and writing, we gain opportunities to ask important questions, to learn empathy and gain understanding of others, to explore tough topics in safe ways, to express our deepest emotions, and to inspire others.
However, though we offer creation tools and a public library to writers and readers around the world, we do not believe that anyone’s story, comment on a story, or behaviour as part of the Scribebee community should make someone else feel unwelcome on the site. We also believe it is important (and the law!) to protect the privacy of young writers, even while they are creatively expressing themselves. Therefore, to keep Scribebee friendly for all ages, we do not allow public stories or comments that:

  • contain or request personally identifying information;
  • use of copyrighted ideas, characters, or intellectual property that belong to another person or company (e.g. fan fiction, song lyrics, movie characters) as your own or as part of your own creation;
  • contain explicit or provocative content for the sake of shock value or that are gratuitous in nature, including overly-detailed or mature portrayals of violence (to people or animals) or use of language (e.g. cursing), physical/romantic relationships, self-harm, or substance abuse;
  • promote hate speech, discrimination, or intolerance;
  • over-emphasize personal agendas, or specific moral codes or belief systems;
  • are designed to bully, threaten, harass, demean, or attack specific users or groups;
  • contain fictionalized portrayals of real people (like classmates, celebrities, or famous/historical figures).
  • include advertisements, links to outside websites, or SPAM;
  • are intended as class assignments or schoolwork (these should be done from a class account on Scribebee Studio).

Finally, while we celebrate all cultures and languages, we cannot currently moderate or approve stories for the Scribebee public library that are written in languages other than English. (Non-English stories can be created in class accounts or published in private libraries to share with family & friends.)
By your participation on the site you agree that your creations and comments will follow these guidelines so that Scribebee remains welcoming and safe for users of all ages. If your work doesn’t follow these guidelines, our moderators may ask you to revise your work before it can be read by others or added to Scribebee’s public library. We reserve the right to delete any comments or stories that do not comply with our guidelines.


Our vision is to create a world where children are able to unlock their imagination and are empowered to express themselves

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