What is a  Scribebee Ambassador?


ScribeBee Ambassadors are the modern version of the age old Musketeers, going forth with their mission to spread goodness and opportunity through writing and reading. You will join an illustrious gallery of fellow ambassadors across the globe, as pioneers of creativity.

  • Receive a certificate of recognition which can be applicable for college and further.
  • Be published on the website as a ScribeBee Ambassador of honour .
  • Get a chance to conduct workshops for students .
  • Receive free goodies and ScribeBee merchandise [Read more.... ]

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ― William Wordsworth

Roles and Responsibilities

Invite people to join Scribebee

You would be inviting atleast 10 family and friends in the age group of 5-18 years to sign up and use www.scribebee.com ( an official Scribebee User cover letter is included in your Ambassador pack that you can cut and paste into the email ). When you email to 10 of your friends please cc us on ambassador@scribebee.com

Select potential Scribebee Ambasaador to join the team
Become positive critics and make friends

Pros of being a Scribebee Ambassador

Get a Certificate of Appreciation
Get your work published on our official website
Get a chance to be the author of the month
Get a letter of recommendation
Get a chance to conduct workshops for students .
Receive free goodies and ScribeBee merchandise.

Code of Ambassadorship Conduct

In order for you to receive recognition you must diligently follow the below listed requirements not only as a ScribeBee Ambassador but as a model global citizen.

  • Keep Scribebee safe
    As an Ambassador you must be on the lookout for users who are offending others or misusing our services, report them as soon as you can to earn extra points!
  • Be a responsible, mindful Ambassador
    Always be respectful to others, if we find you abuse your coveted position, actions will be taken.
  • Be fair, and remember that ScribeBee is fair
    We delegate recognition fairly, in accordance to the work you’ve done and our guidelines so don’t fret if you don’t receive recognition immediately, constant good work will get you the recognition you deserve.
  • Have fun !
    Don’t take the role as an Ambassador as a chore, have fun while doing it and watch the rewards pile in.

Ambassador of the  Month


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela